Fightwinner | Confessions: Acoustic EP (FREE)


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released August 5, 2011

All songs written by Ryan White (Canvas/Call it Arson)

Recorded by Igor Balitskiy at George Street in New Haven, CT



all rights reserved
Track Name: Fall Back
I'm starting to find happiness in these songs.
I'm leaving behind emptiness; I should've all along.
But you were always right about that.
Sometimes i wish i never talked back but the past is the past.
The fall makes me feel so good just like i always knew it would when you were my girl.
I feel it move.
Its breaking off in front of me.
I've got to react.
There's no more time to coast comfortably.
But you were always right about that.
Sometimes I wish I never talked back but the past is the past.
The fall makes me feel so good just like I always knew it would when you were my girl.
I'm glad that I have learned to face the world on my own.
I think I've learned to face the world on my own.
Track Name: Higganum Blackout Band Fight
Its' a shame the world's so nice .
I think i'd like to thank it twice.
Its a shame the world's so cold.
I always thought I'd love it old.
The problems of today you know I can't relate.
Everyone seems to say I've got too much on my plate.
Its a shame that you're so real.
I always thought I'd love your feel.
Its a shame that I'm so cut.
I thought I'd stick around but...
I get lost from here.
Track Name: Junkyard Dog
I know what you think you know about me.
The truth is hard to tell but i see that you do it well.
I am a junkyard dog you see my shadow through the fog.
My body burns for you
The love you give it gets me thru my stay.
Because I don't wanna be forgotten,
I just need to hear the wind scream back our names.
25 minutes have passed since i pushed off and fought back.
From my home i know i roam , oh no, oh no i've choked again.
Still i went to the show last night.
No room to dance always room to fight, because they saturate the scene i love is too late?
To become someone i'd love- and evolve my thirst for blood.
Track Name: Why Lie
someone was walking down our road.
Someone i clearly need to know.
So i walked around the block, but everything seemed to stop.
So this is what its like.
I am an ordinary slug.
The bigger guys grow pompous and they bug.
I'm a super-magnetic snail.
I'm the spark that charged that snail.
Like a hole in the chest, i'm shabbily dressed.
Someone was leaving me alone.
Someone ignore my ringing phone.
But i don't worry because she flipped the script.
So now i play the part right quick.
And now i can't remember her name.
Its the power of the human brain.
Track Name: Howard Ave
I don't know what I wanna be.
And I don't know what you'd love to see.
A hill-slanger on a bicycle.
My throat freezes like an icicle.
Im driving down HOWARD to cop.
Last night you said you'd help me stop.
But then you said you didn't know how .
The conversation seems funny now that i'm here and you're home,oh no.  
i remember when it started happening, caught out i was battling.
Junk sure its all the same to you, but theres so much of me you never knew.
Like i've never really fallen this hard.
So i sleep on the love time scarred.
Your eyes are my only hope...
As my life starts to snap its rope.
In my car. And you're home , oh no.
Sometimes i wanna stop i do.
Its not like its what i wanna do.
Maybe i really never thought of you.
I really wanna be alive again, but i'll be rippin' 9 to 5 till then.
Track Name: Debts
There's a price on my head if you don't know.
There's a man in here with a gun.
And I'm almost through with this bottle.
because i'm the one...
Its not the last time that i'll lie to you.
Its not the last time you'll be scared.
Its not the last time i'll confide in you.
It's not the last time…I swear.
There's a large amount in the corner.
Of men with debts on their mind and i'm positive that i'll be a goner.
I won't leave here alive.